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Monday, December 10, 2012


1. Enchantment

Together with the new experience system, enchanted weapons lend Minecraft combat a pungent whiff of actual structure. You'll create these potent artefacts at Enchanting Tables, which are comprised of Obsidian, Diamond and a book, providing you've cranked out sufficient XP by mining things, slaying things and smelting things. Examples of enchantments (which are randomly assigned depending on your level) include Respiration, which lets you spend longer underwater without suffocating, Fire Aspect, which sets the victim aflame, Fortune, which multiplies the items gained from mining blocks, and Punch, a bow skill which shoves enemies back.

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2. Mushroom Biomes
If you find one of these extremely rare islands on your travels, make a note. They're composed of Mycelium, which is good for pretty much nothing besides growing enormous mushrooms (even in light conditions that normally prohibit mushroom growth). Usefully, they're also completely free of hostile mobs both on the surface and directly beneath. Need a safe base of operations? Consider the mushroom island a quieter version of Thunderbirds HQ. Mushroom biomes also give forth Mooshrooms, highly fungal cows which resemble nothing so much as a Minecraft version of the Flood. They're perfectly friendly, though, and you can milk them to obtain mushroom stew, which is faintly disgusting but handy.

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3. Snow Golems
  will begin to appear following the arrival of NPC villagers. You can create them pretty easily - just stack two snow blocks and whack a pumpkin on top.

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The end will not be in this update, The amount of what they are adding is a lot already i am not to mad but i wish it was in this update. 

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5. Villagers
Spawned in currently vacant villages, these weirdly jointed baldies are among the most sophisticated Minecraft mobs ever, with a staggering array of behaviours. What's more, they're the only mobs in the game that offer any kind of society. Stand near one and it might attempt to "converse" with you, waggling its head up and down cheerfully. Villagers are attracted to pumpkins (including those mounted on Snow Golems), will head inside to avoid rain, and are capable of procreation providing there are sufficient quantities of doors. You know it makes sense.
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 6. Breeding 
Now we will be able to breed with wheat and make little baby animals :D

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